Eddy Einem is a local photographer born and raised in the Los Angeles area. Early on during his childhood Eddy was surrounded by the art of photography.

Coming from a background of skilled photographers he was constantly encouraged to explore the beauty and wonder of the natural world around him. Using his Pentax K1000 he began his journey.

Eddy Einem shoots with the soul intention of capturing the beauty, realness and rawness that an individual has to offer. Working with a variety of models, playful, traditional, sometimes provocative and often images resting at the cusp of cutting edge are captured and always to the delight of the client on the other end of Eddy's lens.

With his warm approach and real personality Eddy works with clients ranging from young children to adults. Eddy has shot smaller runway shows and photo shoots and knows how to illicit the desired look and vibe from the client. He is an "artist" of our time.