Eddy Einem as a photographer immerses himself in capturing the "spirit" of wedding photography, and the magnitude of this can be seen within his still image art. A storybook of your wedding is created as the spherical details, portraits, candid or natural shots are blended together sequentially and seamlessly into a memorable whole commemorating this most special day in your lives.

The smallest of details are just as important to photograph as are the traditional poses. Through Eddy's eye, he captures a precious moment of heirloom cufflinks being passed from father to son or the bride's bouquet brimming with beauty and life. The ring bearer's big moment is expressed through his brilliant smile. So much time and thought is put into making each element of your wedding special, they too deserve to be captured and cherished.

Wedding portraits taken through Eddy's vision are done to capture the joy and bliss that brings together true love. Very few other times in life can you have the opportunity for portraits filled with happiness and beauty to be taken professionally.

Candid or natural images, as Eddy likes to think of them, are some of his favorite to take. These photographs show a multitude of emotions: excitement, surprise, enjoyment and delight just to name a few! These images are truly the storybook of your wedding.